Japan’s Underground Freak Out

When I sit back and listen to some Acid Mothers Temple, I lose myself in the rhythms of the universe. To me, it’s a crazy trip through time and space and often takes me from the comforts of Earth to the far reaches of the Milky Way. Music can have that effect, especially when it comes from the trippy soundscapes of one of Acid Mothers Temple’s music groups — The Melting Paraiso UFO.

Formed back in the mid 90’s by guitarist Kawabata Makoto, the psychedelic tunes of The Melting Paraiso UFO are just one of several groups under the “soul collective” known as Acid Mothers Temple, but UFO is one of the most recognized. Most of the music on their albums feel like an absolute freakout, akin to mixing the sounds from messing with a radio tuner and unleashing every sound right down to the white noise.

If you have a penchant for improvised and extreme spacy music flirting the space between drone and melodic rock, do give this quartet a listen. The following two tracks — Pink Lady Lemonade and Psycho Buddha — are two excellent songs from the band’s discography. Tuck in, because like the majority of their music, these two songs go well beyond the 10 minute mark. Just take take my advise: sit back, take two, and enjoy the trip.

Submitted by @Giggysan